BilliB clocks have all or some of the following:

  • 35 punched & enlarged oil cups = punching hardens the brass plate and increases oil capacity promoting longer movement life.
  • Four jewels, on some movements = Jewels require very little lubrication and will hold closer tolerances. (jewels are not used on large gears as they would crack under stress)
  • Nine bronze bushings on some movements = bronze is stronger & harder than common alloys apart from steel but exceeds steel in corrosion resistance and ease of lubrication. (source Funk & Wagnalls)
  • Six bronze bushings strategically placed result in the gears moving against highly polished pinion steel in a bronze bushing is known as the best combination for minimising movement wear. (source Funk & Wagnalls)
  • Pivot inserts made of ball bearing steel = minimal movement wear

Superior Sound and Advantages

  • Redesigned governor fan = even speed
  • Increased cylinder drum diameter = better cadence
  • Larger heavier hammer heads = hits the rods with more force
  • Increased hammer lift = Easier to adjust chime/strike hammers for fine-tuning.

Servicability and Advantages

  • Marked alignment indicators on stop gears
  • Easy to move winding arbors
  • Re-usable washers / c-clips
  • Cable where fitted is tested to as high as 80 pounds =offering strength and longevity
  • Power maintaining feature on some movements =continues to keep correct time, when clock is being wound up
  • Electronic friction testing = less friction longer movement life


  • Full Pediment Return = even finish aesthetically pleasing
  • Thickness of clock backs = adds strength whilst helping to prevent timber movement in modern heated homes.
  • End frame thickness = (quality construction)
  • Dial surround frames = promotes sound quality whilst helping to prevent dust entering the movement
  • Quality Dial
  • Door thickness
  • Quality finish
  • Locks and Keys
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