Celeste astrological mantel Clock £3289

Celeste Mantel Clock

 Celeste astrological mantel Clock £3289

Available Black Piano Style Finish with Glass Dome.

A stylish clock with a mouth blown mineral glass dome. It is a reproduction of the 'Heaven machine' which was built in the 18th century by Philipp Matthaus Hahn. This intricate clock indicates the months over a year via a battery powered electric mechanism showing the time, month, date, moon phase and all the signs of the zodiac. The earth revolves around the sun and rotates daily to show the position of its axis. It is a stunning talking piece for most homes and a must for any budding astrologer to follow the earth on its journey.  

H30cm x D20cm


Individually blown glass (domed cover) can have small bubbles & imperfections, but this adds to the individuality of this clock making each one unique.



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