Guide to buying a Grandfather Clock

Buying an Antique Grandfather Clock

There are very few working antique pieces of furniture you can buy today, so if you are investing in antique furniture for your home then buying an antique grandfather clock is an excellent choice.

Be careful though to be sure of the clock's real value. Some dealers will claim a grandfather clock is antique if it's over 50 years old. That is not true. If you are not sure of a clock's real age and value then seek advice from someone you know is.

You must also be careful with the condition of the clock, particularly buying an antique clock that is in less than perfect operating condition. With any antique grandfather clock there will be wear and tear to the mechanical movements resulting in potential costly repairs. An antique clock may also not be the original clock. Instead, it could be a marriage of many clocks: a dial from one, a movement from another etc, so be careful.

Our best advice is that if you are investing in an antique clock then make sure you buy from a reputable dealer.

Buying a new Grandfather Clock

If more important to you is the style and elegance of a grandfather clock, then buying a new clock has many advantages.

There is a great range of styles of new grandfather clocks you can buy:

  • Light or dark wood finishes: oak, beech, mahogany...
  • Broad or narrow glass doors with bevelled designs or the choice of wooden door
  • Different movements including Keininger and Hermle
  • Variations of chimes: Westminster, St Michael, Whittington etc, with some clocks having more than one chime option
  • Different dials with beautiful designs in brass, aluminium and other finishes incorporating moon dials and second hands

You also don't have to keep with the old style. If you are looking for something less traditional, then a modern grandfather clock may suit your home and decor.

So a new grandfather clock is a great choice, giving you style and personality without the risk of costly maintainance. If you are considering buying a grandfather clock and are still undecided about buying new, then why not visit BilliB's showroom in Bournemouth which has over over 60 different models of floor standing clocks on permanent display. Alternatively, give BilliB a call on 01202 293352.

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