How to set your Grandfather Clock back one hour

How to set your Grandfather Clock back one hour

changing time on a grandfather clockWith the clocks going back at the end of this month as the UK reverts to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) from British Summer Time (BST), you will need to adjust the time on your chiming Grandfather Clock.

We recommend that you don’t move the clock minute hands backwards as this can cause issues with the chiming mechanism or even jam the movement. Do not move the hour hand only as the clock will then chime an hour different to shown.

Moving a clock’s minute hand forward is always the preferred method, so you could of course change the time by moving the clock minute hand forward 23 hours, but this will take a lot of time! If your clock has a night silencer, ensure you are in the correct 12 hour period after adjustment i.e. 11am and not 11pm. This is why 23 hours forward would be normal. Also, whilst moving the minute hand you must stop at each quarter allowing your clock to chime, unless you have a chime silencer leaver.

Don't be surprised if the clock doesn't chime or chimes incorrectly after your adjustment, it should correct its self after a couple of hours.

But there is a much simpler method to setting the time correctly on your chiming Grandfather clock...

Clocks Glossary

Clock GlossaryGlossary of Clocks

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Bim Bam and a Bell Strike? Or maybe between a Break Arch and a Lunar Arch? Maybe you haven't, but welcome to the wonderful world of clocks!

BilliB are pleased to provide a comprehensive glossary of clock terms from Access Doors to Whittington Chimes covering Grandfather clocks, Grandmother clocks, wall clocks, mantel and table clocks.

Is there a term you think we have missed? Or maybe you have come across a term for which you cannot find an explanation? If so, please add a comment with your contact details and we will add the term to our list.

Click here to read the check the full list of terms...

Guide to buying a Grandfather Clock

grandfather clock buying guideGuide to buying a Grandfather Clock

Clocks come in all shapes and sizes, but there's no doubt that there's a timeless appeal to owning a grandfather clock. They are much more than a piece of decorative furniture that also tells the time. People buy grandfather clocks because of their roots and heritage, because of what they represent, a very strong tie with the past.

A Brief History of the Grandfather Clock

The birth of grandfather clock (or longcase clock to give them their proper name) dates back to the 17th century when Christiaan Huygens, a Dutch mathematician and philosopher, invented the pendulum clock in 1656, but it was William Clement, an English clockmaker, who, 24 years later, is credited with the development of the grandfather clock using Huygens' pendulum.

Buying advice for your Grandfather Clock

Essentially, when buying a grandfather clock you have two overriding options: to buy an antique or to buy new.

Introducing Bubblegum Clocks

waverley design wall clockIntroducing Bubblegum Clocks

BILLIB, the UK's leading supplier of mechanical clocks has introduced a new contemporary line to their range, Bubblegum, which have been enthusiastically received.

The range features a new collection of colourful, contemporary pieces of wall art. Hand designed and individually finished - some with oversized hands for added drama. All handmade with precision German frames and German crystal quartz movements as standard. They create a stylish piece of furniture with their scraped painted finish to produce a three dimensional layered effect, each piece is unique.

Our Customer Experience

Our Customer Experience

After a recent visit to the BilliB showroom, I discovered that they have had customers travelling from as far as Scotland and the Channel Islands to view, what can only be described as the largest collection of floor/wall/mantel clocks in the UK.

Consumers find it difficult to actually see a good selection of clocks in one setting, I'm sure like most people I found it refreshing that they do not have sales people either, they don't actually sell to the public! They just operate a showroom on behalf of retailers where you can see, hear and feel the quality and ask all those difficult questions before returning to the chosen retailer to finalise the purchase.

It certainly is a once in a lifetime purchase where statistically 80% of floor clocks are sold to men who will have searched for an average for three years, possibly moved house or re decorated / moved a radiator and have a specific place in mind for their clock. 

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